Apply to Teach, Apply to Volunteer

We are looking for teachers and volunteers for our centre. Here, we will help our children to excel at school and be a good example for other children.
You will work at our centre in Beswick, Manchester. Please join our team if you are motivated, have love for children aged 6 to 18.
We need people with a variety of skills. Vacancies will be posted on our website yet. Watch this space.
You can volunteer just for a couple of hours of your time, fill out our contact form.

Arrive at Wise Steps center

Students attend 1 session up to 3 hours on Saturdays to allow the teacher to observe and develop their self-learning skills

Collect folder and hand in homework

Homework involves daily study completed and marked prior to arrival

Completion of worksheets

Students complete work that the teacher has set to develop their skills and ensure they are progressing

Receive teacher's guidance when necessary

Teacher observe students and instruct when necessary

Marking and self correction of worksheets

Assistants mark work and students do corrections immediately to aid learning.

Achieve perfect score and home time

It is important to us that each student leaves with a sense of achievement, motivated for the next challenge.